Saturday, August 16, 2008

Early Morning Coffee

Two cups just are not enough. So another pot is brewing. And yes, I made it with a 'Perry Pile' of coffee, so that first cup will be enamel stripper strength.

I am compelled to express the thoughts jumping around in my little head, but my fingers are twitching to finish the multitudinous pile of projects sitting in the corner, to move into new color dreams, play with some design ideas. So my keyboard time will be brief.

I was awakened this morning to the dual sensation of the local equine escapees clopping around just outside my window, and a disturbing dream of tragedy. My days are laced together with grief and joy. Death has finally invaded my heart, and as I imagined, it is the living for whom I mourn.

Joy in the world of sorrows. Speak to me, joy.