Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Coffee and Floods

Coffee at the Village Cafe.  I highly recommend it, after days in the desert.  Friendly.  Happy.  Great Coffee.  Yessss..

We intend to explore Zambia on this sojourn.  I read today that the Zambezi River is in full flood, thousands of refugees seek...  refuge.  Will the Caprivi Strip be impassable?  Where in Africa does one find such information?

And Zambia is no cheap and easy friend.  The price of a visa has risen 100% in 2 years.  National Park fees 70 dollars a day... per person.  Plus $30 for the vehicle.

Ugh.  TIA - This Is Africa.  So, I sit at my cute little red and white checked covered table, pondering the Why.  And nursing my mug of Black Death.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Namibia in a Nutshell

Fish River Canyon.  Perry.
Swakopmund Shipwreck
Gobabeb Camp.  Happy!
Quiverboom tree & weaver bird nests
Khowarib Canyon

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Africa Sojourn, the Third

 It consumes me.  I am compelled to write - but I cannot stop looking long enough to put pencil to paper.  AFRICA!

Always, there are spiders behind the doors to the toilets.  I find ants and drop them in the webs, then wait for the carnage.  heh.

We spend the obligatory day at Sesriem.  I suppose the massive red sand dunes of Namibia are not to be missed, but in the end a disappointment.  A pricey, bleak camp accompanied by a circus rush to the dunes for 'First Light' photo ops and bragging rights.

Sesriem Dawn Circus

Now, Gobabeb - a desert research station on the rim of the massive dune sea is sans circus.  Big Sky.  Big Weather.  Big Scenery.  Big Beetles.


Thought of the day:  "He found Truth and drowned in it."

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Hello Landy!

Amelia sat outside of Cape Town, waiting patiently. She needed a jump start, some spit and polish, and (empty) bird nest removal. Otherwise, she is poised for the journey! The idea.... North from Cape Town, through Namibia to the Caprivi Strip... a loop through Zambia, down into Zimbabwe to visit Godfrey, then a sublime exploration of the Central Kalahari... finally to Jo'burg where we will again stash our Landy.

All before the World Cup begins.