Saturday, May 22, 2010

Kalahari Stories

It is winter here, and mornings are chilled. We cuddled in the Penthouse (roof top tent), reading aloud 'Cry of the Kalahari'.  Evenings we seek out oryx, honey badger and bat eared fox, then sprawl to soak the dying sun, harmonizing with the jackal cries.

Home....  Here be lions.

Oryx, defined

Kalahari Stories
Honey Badger feast

Jackal ~ whose cries fill the evening light

Thursday, May 20, 2010

a Return to Zimbabwe

One might imagine our disappointment. Since November of 2008 we had anticipated our return to Zimbabwe. Pounds of knitting supplies I had lugged, all the way from Anchorage. Much of it donated.

And. In the greedy fervor preceding World Cup 2010, the Zim Parks had raised their rates to .... $100 a night. To camp. In a park that has decayed into sadness. Water pumps don't work. Animals have been poached into hiding. Buildings are rotted, roof structures collapsed, appliances plundered. Rangers have no socks. (socks?) $100. A night.

We paid our $100, US. We could do one night. Godfrey, they informed us, was the camp attendant at Shumba Camp. We navigated the rutted, washed out road, with only a few impala to grace the view.

Godfrey appeared, curious to see visitors. Such a surprised, happy greeting! 'Teacher! You have come!' He has a stoic demeanor, does Godfrey - but happiness beamed just beneath that surface. Quickly, he ran to his camp shack to get his knitting. He had dozens of questions - why put it off?

We managed 2 days, filled with stories and knitting. Many, many thanks to those of you who donated yarn, supplies, and happy energy. Godfrey displayed his work: beanies, felted bags and cell-phone cozies. He sells them to tourists, and sometimes locals. With his earnings, he funds the schooling of his nephew and niece and supports his parents (who lost their entire savings when the Zimbabwean economy collapsed). But the biggest news: he plans to marry, and is saving for a Bride Price!

We also met 'Mixture', who carved a leopard for us, in exchange for a set of carving tools. And the children of Sinamatella.... just see the photo.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Etosha Stories

So young, he's hairy!
Vigilance at dusk
~ twined ~

~ sparring ~
two, striped

sensing the lion

Big Love
morning coffee
Him.  Seeking Her.


~ sunset over the pans ~