Friday, July 19, 2013

The Dry Season Takes Its Toll in Hwange National Park ~ Godfrey

For the past weeks l have been at Shumba Camp.  There is also some activity taking place here.

Elephants are now coming in large herds & they are now drinking the whole night.  They have also started destroying our water system.  They have already came twice & it now means that many small pans are drying up. 

It seems this year they have started early to destroy the water system as they usually do that in Sep to October.  I am also afraid that we might have another drought in some parts of the park especially from Shumba to Main Camp, as most pans seem to be full yet its only mud some even less than a metre deep.

Buffaloes are also coming.  There is a herd of about 300 but it does not come everyday.  Roan & sable are now coming but still in small herds.  There is also a leopard, usually seen at Roan Pan about 6 km from Shumba on the way to Main Camp.  l hope it will come to Shumba when that pan dries up.
Tourists seem to have disappeared. There are very few people in the park - sometimes there is no one camping for 3 to 4 days.  It seemz tourists had said "lets quickly go to Zim at the same time & quickly leave" whilst everyone is still amazed at the large volumes of people visiting the park.
Masuma seem to be having many animals as all the pans around it are dry.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Updates from Godfrey ~ ~

Godfrey has had difficulty selling his knitted items to tourists in Hwange National Park ~ visitors have been scarce!  I wrote him and suggested that if he encounters any American travelers, to ask if they would carry his knitted wonders back to the US, then send them to me.  I also asked what color of yarn he would like, and sent him a copy of The Amanda Hat by Gina House.  ( A very cool pattern!)

Godfrey's response:

Hello Beth

that sounds like a great idea. next time l see someone from America will send them to you.
for the yarn any coulor is fine. but if you can find yellow, red, green, they will be okay.
for the needles my size 6.5 mm circular needle broke & thus the ones I use most often.

Yes you made me laugh. tell you what at first l was shy to be seen knitting now am very proud of my knitting skills all thanxs to you!!!

will try the Amanda hat I managed to download it