Monday, June 24, 2013

Update from Godfrey

Godfrey has sent me a few emails these past few days.  He is at Mandavu Dam, in Hwange National Park.  Such stories he has to tell!!!  (I edited just a little, for clarity)

June 20, 2013 Godfrey wrote:

Yesterday evening lions tried to take a baby elephant here at Mandavu.  6 lions came to drink ,whilst they were drinking came a herd of ellies with small babies.  The elephants chased the lions but within a few minutes the lions were back, only that they were on the far side of the dam it was not clear to see exactly what was happening.  We just heard the baby elephant screaming & running to the water with the lions in hot pursuit.  Then the Elephants got mad & started chasing the Lions & there was a lot of noise with the Lions roaring & Elephants screaming.  Then darkness took over but l don't think the baby Ellie made it as we saw Vultures in that direction in the morning.

Since l came here Lions are here every night making noise the whole night.  Animals coming to drink seem to be multiplying everyday as there is an increase in Elephant & Buffalo herds.

Tourists turnout is still very low.  I spent the last 8 days without anyone camping.  l hope that they will improve after elections which l dont know will be when.



And this, dated June 24  Read carefully - Godfrey eventually went outside the gate to inspect a lion kill!

today in the morning at around 4am lions killed a kudu just outside the fence near the gate.  when l woke up at around 6:30 l saw the tourists who were camping here, standing near the fence.  when l went to see what was happening they said there were 4 lions and the female was mock charging them.  they dd not know that it was a real charge.  thanxs to the fence. coz they could have been injured.  they did not know that the Lions had killed a kudu near them.  l heard the noise but l did not know either if they had killed anything.  l think when the female was charging them, it was tryng to chase them away and get the remaing meat which was behind a small bush.  so we moved back.
after some hours l saw vultures landing there & thus when l went back & went outside the fence l found the meat behind the bush.  the insides too, as lions dont eat them except for the liver.  every time they kill they first remove the insides and bury them so that vultures & hyenas won't smell them.   but here they couldn't bury them coz of the rocky area. l hope they will be back this evening


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