Friday, August 9, 2013

Notes from Zim ~ Warthog

I received an email from Godfrey today.  It sounds like the action is heating up in Hwange National Park!  The dry season is bringing the animals closer and closer to the water holes, and thus the camps.  Here is Godfrey's story.  I have copied it exactly as he sent it, because I enjoy the translations he makes from Indabele to English to keyboard!

today we had to watch 5 lions tryng to kill a warthog on the vlei in front of the camping ground here in sinamatella
it was around 8 am when l saw a warthog running with lions in hot pursuit.the warthog then got in a hole .l then called the tourists who were camping and we watched the lions tryng to dig it out.after about 5 min the lions went about 20 m from the hole &slept there waiting for it to come out after 20 m we saw the warthog coming out of the. hole thinking that the lions had gone and it started going. very slowly leaving the safety of the hole and the lions pretended not to be seeing it after it had gone about 30m lions started crawling towards the hole .when they got there they made a horn formation and one of them then went round the warthog with the intensions of. pushing torwards the others unfortunately the warthog saw them first and it ran away on the opposite direction .the lions tried to chase it but the warthog had already outpaced them and got into another hole and the lions gave up and left it alone and went to lie near the river.after about
 2 hours came the buffaloes and they went straight to were the lions were after a few minutes the action began .the buffaloes were taken by suprised by the time they tried to run towards the river the lions were already there .we saw dust.and the all wailing of the buffalo .we could not see what was happening in the river and the lions are still in seems there are enjoying their lunch on the cool sand

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